Windows 8 running on a Samsung Series 7 Tablet

Today my employer hosted an internal conference and Microsoft just happened to be there which I wasn’t expecting.  Specifically, they were there showing off Windows 8 running on a Samsung Series 7 11.6” tablet. I had ran the Developer Preview of Windows 8 on my older HP tablet which was an OK experience but the hardware was not optimized for Windows 8.

The Series 7 is designed for Windows 7 but I have to say that the early experience was impressive.  The hardware is not as portable as my iPad but I consider this tablet to be a different use case than the iPad.  MS had a wireless keyboard and the very stylish and sleek docking port for the tablet.  I quickly imagined this being my portable solution.  I’m actually tempted to get the existing setup running Windows 7.  My current laptop is more of a desktop replacement machine and every time I travel I wish I had something along the lines of an ultrabook but the flexibility of a tablet.

My early experience with Windows 8 running on this tablet was pretty nice.  The MS rep pulled out his phone and compared the Metro interface on the Windows 8 Phone to the Metro Interface running on the tablet.  He spoke to a couple of use cases with factory workers and integration with ERP applications.  It is a compelling story from an enterprise support and application development perspective.

I’m looking forward to getting a couple of these in the lab and really stretching it out a bit.  I’m really interested in the Intel platform and seeing how end users actually take to these devices and what type of real world battery life they get.

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